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IDEA SNC Official Italian distributor for EASIDEA


All the EASIDEA are provided with a scratchproof pad at the back so that they can be used easily on painted or lacquered surfaces without the risk of causing scratches. They can be personalized with company logos and colors and they are perfect as gadgets.



Mechanics, carpenters, panel beaters, plumbers, electricians, IT practitioners, plasterers and it is perfect for DIY.


Why choose EASIDEA?


  • Tools always with you in the workplace
  • Practical for all kinds of activities
  • Neodymium magnets, strong and durable
  • For the professional and do-it-yourself
  • No problem with the small screws
  • Suitable for all types of tips
  • It supports all utensils
  • …it’s very cheap!

In every situation
Your work tools at hand.
Small screws
Always with you.
Super powerful magnets
Even for heavier work tools
You do not loose anything
You can do all the precision work
In the most difficult working moments
Drill bit?
All at your fingertips with EASIDEA
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