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Building is the most versatile of the EASIDEA; it is extremely practical and useful to everyone and for many kinds of work.
It is the only one of the series with a clip at the back so that it can be attached to your belt or pants, with the Neodymium magnets it can be used to hold screws, bits, inserts, cutters, hammers, pliers, scissors and many other things.
It can avoid the lose tools when working at a height or on a ladder and also avoids the typical waste of time caused by recovering fallen material.

Who can use it?
Without distinction – anyone at work! From the car mechanic to the plumber, to the panel beater, for the DIY at home, perfect for plasters and electricians, and many many more!

The strong and resistant Neodymium magnets will allow you to have everything you need within easy reach while you work.
All the EASIDEA are provided with a scratchproof pad at the back so that they can be used easily on painted or lacquered surfaces without the risk of causing scratches. They can be personalized with company logos and colors and they are perfect as gadgets.


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IDEA SNC Official Italian distributor for EASIDEA

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